I am a triathlon athlete. I need a prosthetic that I can swim in, run a marathon in and cycle in. Anuumii delivered. No one can guess which breast is missing.      Jennifer


I was giving a speech when I noticed the audience were paying attention to my chest only. After receiving the photographs, I saw the reason why. One breast was four times smaller than the other one. With Anuumii there is no mismatch.    Ciru


I was coming out of the aeroplane wearing a liquid gel prosthetic. Due to high temperatures, it bust open, the liquid gel staining my blouse, causing massive embarrassment. Thank you Anuumii, there is no liquid gel to leak out or plastic bag to bust open. I now travel the world without any worries.   Anita


I found my husband touching my breast prosthetic. He just joked “They feel so real, thought it was you!” I am a happy Mrs!

Lucky lady


After the surgery and hash chemo drugs, my entire body shrunk, including my boobs. Anuumii gave me new instant boobs. I can wear my bras again and look like I used to.  Gladys