About us

Anuumii New Breasts Now was created to help women who have suffered breast cancer and have undergone mastectomy (removal of the breasts). Many women especially in Africa, find it difficult to get breast forms (prosthesis). There are many stories of women resorting to stuffing their brassieres with socks, pillow fibers, torn pieces of cloth, old T-shirts. This is because breast prosthetics are difficult to get, expensive and few.


A group of breast cancer survivors came together to find a lasting solution. They researched and experimented for a long time. They came up with realistic looking handcrafted breasts, made from medical grade silicone. The silicone breasts are flexible, soft and durable, lasting for years. Most important, they are hypoallergenic. Once you get a breast prosthesis, it will serve you for many years.


Anuumii was created by breast cancer survivors for breast cancer survivors, women who lost their breast(s), to help them get their feminine figure back. Anuumii also gives women with small breasts instant bigger breasts to enhance their feminine figure.


Please visit our gallery and be inspired or call for a discount.